House Majority Introduces Fiscal Plan Legislation

Friday, February 10 the House Finance Committee introduced a proposed fiscal plan, HB 115. Before going in to session, Speaker Bryce Edgmon and House Finance Committee Co-Chairs Paul Seaton and Neal Foster met with reporters to discuss the bill.


Details on Education Legislation Passed in 2016

Four education-related bills and resolutions passed the legislature this session:

  • HB 27 - DHSS Duties; CINA; Foster Care; Adoption
  • HB 156 - School Accountability Measures; Federal Law
  • SB 200 - Mandatory Physical Activity in School
  • SCR 1 - Civics Education Task Force

Click here for details on this legislation


Governor Walker's FY17 Budget Vetoes

Wednesday, June 29 Governor Walker held a press conference and released his FY17 budget vetoes. The governor made significant vetoes to the budgets, including to the BSA and bond debt reimbursement. 

Governor Walker also said  the university was cut by $10 million, oil and gas tax credits were cut by $430 million, and dividends were reduced so that they will be $1,000 this year. The total amount vetoed was $1.29 billion.


Legislation To Close Schools With Fewer Than 25 Students?

Rep. Gattis has been in the news lately saying she plans to introduce legislation to close schools with fewer than 25 students, an issue that Sen. Dunleavy brought up last session. So I went down to the Capitol Building Tuesday and talked to a few legislators, and I think I've got the skinny on whether or not the legislature will pass legislation to close schools with fewer than 25 students. I talked to Sens. Stedman and Bishop, and Reps. Nagiak and Talerico, all majority members. 


Attorney General Richard's Report on Establishing a Sovereign Wealth Fund for Alaska

Early Wednesday morning, October 28, Attorney General Craig Richards held a briefing on the underpinnings of a fiscal plan that the administration will soon propose. Later in the day the information was publicly released during a luncheon presentation to legislators.


No one knows what's going to happen

Yes, it's the 130th day of session so far in 2015, and still no one knows what's going to happen. I will explain the situation from the VERY beginning.

There is about a $3 billion revenue shortfall. The legislature needs a three-fourths vote in each body to use money in the constitutional budget reserve to cover the shortfall. They only need a majority vote in each body to use the funding in the permanent fund earnings reserve.


Governor Walker Appoints John Harmon, Lumen Christi High School, to the State Board of Education & Early Development

Governor Walker has appointed John Harmon, principal of Lumen Christi High School in Anchorage, to fill Esther Cox's seat on the State Board of Education & Early Development.

Link to Mr. Harmon's application to the state board