Conference Committee Final Action, HB 278

Hello, This morning (Friday, April 25) the Conference Committee for HB 278 moved the bill from committee. 

There was one amendment adopted at this last hearing:

The due date for the studies was changed to June 15, 2015 for all the reports for the studies from the Legislative Budget & Audit Committee and the Dept. of Administration.  The amendment also made two language changes to HB 278 relating to the LB&A studies.  Amendment 1 replaces “sustainable” with “predictable, and specifies that the studies must include, but are not limited to consideration of the following items:

  1. Stable and predictable [sustainable] funding for basic education needs and an ancillary system of providing funding above basic education needs;
  2. Appropriate proportions and mechanisms for state and local contributions to public school funding;
  3. Methods for funding alternate public education options, including charter schools, residential schools, and correspondence programs;
  4. Current public school funding provisions under AS 14.11 – AS 14.17, with particular focus on:
    1. The school size factor under AS 14.17.450, including a review of the most recent school operating cost data and the same criteria used in the “Alaska School Operating Cost Study” by the McDowell Group in 1998;
    2. The school district cost factor under AS 14.17.460, including a review of the most recent school district operating cost data and the same criteria used in the “Alaska School District Cost Study Update” by the Institute of Social and Economic Research in 2005.

The fiscal notes for HB 278 will be incorporated into SB 119 – Capital Budget.  I’ll send out a full report later today, when it’s expected that the house and senate will finish up their work on SB 119, HB 278, and SJR 23 – Constitutional Amendment: Student Loan Debt.  If they don’t finish up their work, I will still send out a report tonight. 

Thanks, Shana