DEED Releases Data on Schools for New Star Rating System

On Friday, August 16, 2013 the Dept. of Education & Early Development released data on Alaska schools under the new star rating system (Alaska School Performance Index – ASPI).  I’ve posted an Excel document with the data for each individual school in the state.  It’s sortable by school, school district, ASPI score, ASPI rating, and all the other categories in the document:

To sort the data, if you are not familiar with Excel, click on “Sort and Filter” then select “Custom Sort.”  Then choose the column by which you would like to sort the document and click “OK.”  The document is 15 pages. Other documents related to the new ASPI rating system can be found at the DEED website:

Main points to remember regarding the new star ratings (ASPI):

·         It was established as part of the requirements of a waiver under NCLB

·         The state is also implementing new standards, a result of which is that new assessments will be administered beginning in 2015 (also part of the waiver under NCLB)

·         The new standards (and hence new assessments) are more rigorous, and it is anticipated that student test scores will drop, thereby affecting the star ratings of schools (in Kentucky and New York, states that are already testing on new, more rigorous standards, student test scores have dropped dramatically)

·         The new star ratings system will better reflect student improvement and five-year graduation rates (the previous system only reflected proficiency, and did not show general improvement)

Overall State-Wide Ratings Can be Viewed Here:

DEED has begun training school districts on the new system, and what it means for their schools.  The basic categories to the ratings system are:

·         Grades K-8

o   Attendance Rate (25 percent)

o   Academic Achievement (35 percent)

o   School Progress (40 percent)

·         Grades 9-12

o   Attendance Rate (10 percent)

o   Academic Achievement (20 percent)

o   School Progress (40 percent)

o   Graduation Rate (20 percent)

o   College & Career Readiness (10 percent)

There are subcategories within the categories.  A short infographic explaining the categories and subcategories is here:

Thanks, Shana Crondahl