First Prefiled Bills Released

A report on the first prefiled bills released today.  

Someone asked a question earlier this week about what the BSA will be for FY16. The BSA is what was passed in HB 278 last year - $5,880 for FY16 and $5,930 for FY17.  The amount for FY16 was forward funded last session.  
As to any predictions about what might occur regarding education funding during the upcoming session,
I don't think there will be much action on funding.  I think the legislature will probably wait for the reports required through HB 278 before deciding to change any funding.  The one wild card affecting that prediction (and it's a big one) is the dire financial situation of the state right now.  
I'm in the process of firming up subscriptions for the coming session.  Contact me through the website link for information on subscribing.
Shana Crondahl