The Guild System is Alive and Well in Alaska

During the Wednesday, March 13, 2013 House Education Committee hearing on HB 142, Galena Superintendent Chris Reitan said, regarding classes students take, that their boarding school requires four years each of English, math, science, and social studies.  Beyond that, there are elective requirements.  Most areas students focus on fall in to the elective category. He said it's impossible for a student who wants to get the number of hours required by the state for cosmetology, which is 1,650, to do all those hours and meet the other graduation requirements.  

To become an EMT I in Alaska, only 120 hours are required; the State of Alaska requires almost 14 times the hours to become a cosmetologist as to become an EMT.  A timely editorial on this topic just ran in the Juneau Empire Thursday, re-run from Florida’s Miami Herald, where, as the editorial notes, interior decorators are required to have six years of training, so they have fabulous foyers. 

The guild system is alive and well in America and Alaska.