House Education Committee Members, Notes from Education Subcommittee, Walker Transition Team

I've heard through word-of-mouth that the following people will be on the House Education Committee:
Chair: Wes Keller; 
  • Liz Vazquez
  • Jim Colver
  • Lora Reinbold
  • Paul Seaton
  • Harriet Drummond
  • Jonathon Kreiss-Tomkins

I talked to Sen. Dunleavy this morning, and he said he doesn't yet know who will be on the Senate Education Committee, other than himself as chair and Sen. Gardner as the minority member.  

According to one of the co-chairs of the Walker Transition Team Education Subcommittee, Press Secretary Grace Jang will be sending out information on this weekend's meetings. In the meantime, below are photos of notes taken at the subcommittee hearings this weekend;

Members of the Walker Transition Team Education Subcommittee:
Chairs: Mary Pete & Bob Williams
  • Evon Peter, Akiachak
  • Alyse Galvin, Anchorage
  • Andrew Halcro, Anchorage
  • Abbe Hensley, Anchorage
  • Tony Nakazawa, Anchorage
  • Don Reardon, Anchorage
  • Elsa Sargento, Anchorage
  • Arthur Yang, Bethel
  • Kurt Kuhne, Bethel
  • Patricia McNeil, Juneau
  • Alana Peterson, Juneau
  • Polly Shaffer, Kotzebue
  • Spike Jorgensen, Tok

Thanks, Shana