House Finance DEED Subcommittee Budget Closeout

The House Finance Dept. of Education & Early Development Subcommittee held their budget closeout on Thursday.  The committee room scheduled for the hearing was far too small, with standing room only, and many people were turned away, including at least two legislators – Sen. Dunleavy and Rep. Saddler.  A member of the audience (who was not able to get a seat) was overheard saying that you would think that for the department with one of the largest budgets in the state, the subcommittee would have scheduled a hearing room other than the smallest one in the Capitol Building.  In addition, there were only enough copies of the subcommittee report for about a third of the people in attendance.  The Div. of Legislative Finance will not have the subcommittee report posted on their website until Friday, but you can view it HERE

There is no video of the hearing, because subcommittee staff told AKLeg TV the subcommittee would just be gavelling in and out. Gavel to Gavel it wouldn’t be of interest, and not to bother covering it.  This, despite the fact that it is the second-largest departmental budget, and that there is always very high interest in closeouts of the Dept. of Education & Early Development budget.  If I can get ahold of an MP3 audio file of the hearing, I will post it.  

UPDATE: Gavel to Gavel will be posting audio of the hearing, recorded by a reporter.  I will post a link to the audio when it is available.  AKLeg TV contacted subcommittee staff before the hearing to ask if they wanted the hearing teleconferenced or recorded, and subcommittee staff said no.  I later talked to subcommittee staff, who told me they had scheduled their hearings to be broadcast through February 25, and it was an oversight that Thursday's clouseout hearing wasn't broadcast.  They said by the time they realized Thursday's meeting wasn't going to be broadcast, it was to late to schedule the broadcast.  

UPDATEUPDATE: Audio for this hearing is now posted on Gavel to Gavel: