Report to the Legislature from the House Sustainable Education Task Force

Below is a report on Tuesday’s House Sustainable Education Task Force hearing and the subsequent report to the legislature.  The “report” is a short, two-page letter which does not contain information on any of the items outlined for investigation in HR 8, including whether or not education funding is adequate.  Duties of the task force, according to HR 8 are:

(1) performing an analysis of public education funding that includes

  1. a determination of the adequacy of public school funding provided under AS 14.17.410 for coverage of appropriate education expenses;
  2. a determination of the appropriate uses of the base student allocation;
  3. alternative methods of addressing fluctuating energy, health, insurance, personnel, and pupil transportation costs;
  4. a calculation of the total amounts of state, local, and federal funding available to each district and for each category of special needs service area;
  5. a comparison of the allocation of administrative and instructional personnel among districts;
  6. a determination as to whether the allocation of administrative and instructional personnel affects the ability of each district to provide effective instructional services;
  7. a calculation of the effect of pension and health care expenses on total education costs;

(2) evaluating the availability of courses that meet core academic curriculum

requirements under AS 14.43.820(a)(3) in each district

The legislature appropriated $250,000 for FY14 for the House Sustainable Education Task Force.  A future AKEDUPDATE report will cover expenditures of the task force.