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Re-Forming/Re-Funding/De-Funding Education in Alaska

The House and Senate Finance DEED Subcommittees and the House Task Force on Sustainable Education are all holding their own separate multiple, long hearings this interim, with the stated intent to look at education and education funding.  A number of legislators have said over the past eight months that current education funding is not sustainable, appearing to imply either that education funding will need to be cut in the future, or that there will not be any increases, regardless of increasing costs to school districts. 


DEED Releases Data on Schools for New Star Rating System

On Friday, August 16, 2013 the Dept. of Education & Early Development released data on Alaska schools under the new star rating system (Alaska School Performance Index – ASPI).  I’ve posted an Excel document with the data for each individual school in the state.  It’s sortable by school, school district, ASPI score, ASPI rating, and all the other categories in the document:

To sort the data, if you are not familiar with Excel, click on “Sort and Filter” then select “Custom Sort.”  Then choose the column by which you would like to sort the document and click “OK.”  The document is 15 pages. Other documents related to the new ASPI rating system can be found at the DEED website:

Main points to remember regarding the new star ratings (ASPI):


Parental "Volunteer" Requirements at Alaska Charter Schools

I found the discussion during Monday's House Education Committee hearing about how “charter schools are so much better because of parental involvement, and how can we make other parents more involved – it would just solve much of the problems, and we can’t make it easier for parents to have their children attend charter schools by providing transportation, meals, and charter school facilities, because then the parents wouldn’t be as committed to making the charter schools successful” very difficult to listen to because of my personal experience with a charter school and the “volunteer” time


Dunleavy Says Major Education Legislation is in the Works

Senators Mike Dunleavy & John Coghill, and Press Secretary Carolyn Kuckertz during Tuesday's Senate Majority press conference

Senators Mike Dunleavy, John Coghill, and Anna Fairclough answered questions Tuesday, February 12, 2013 during a Senate Majority press conference.  In regard to the issue raised by Dr. Herb Schroeder in his presentation Monday to the House and Senate Education Committees, that credit for ANSEP courses was not always being given to students by the school districts in which they were enrolled, Sen. Fairclough said she met with Anchorage School District Superintendent Jim Browder over the interim, and she is working on legislation addressing dual enrollment and allowing high school students to earn college credits.  She said there could be a large cost to the legislation, but they will be looking at the transferability of credits.  She said that legislation might not be introduced until next year.

In response to the same question, Sen. Dunleavy said...


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