Governor Walker

Governor Walker's FY17 Budget Vetoes

Wednesday, June 29 Governor Walker held a press conference and released his FY17 budget vetoes. The governor made significant vetoes to the budgets, including to the BSA and bond debt reimbursement. 

Governor Walker also said  the university was cut by $10 million, oil and gas tax credits were cut by $430 million, and dividends were reduced so that they will be $1,000 this year. The total amount vetoed was $1.29 billion.


Attorney General Richard's Report on Establishing a Sovereign Wealth Fund for Alaska

Early Wednesday morning, October 28, Attorney General Craig Richards held a briefing on the underpinnings of a fiscal plan that the administration will soon propose. Later in the day the information was publicly released during a luncheon presentation to legislators.


Walker-Mallott December 9, 2014 Press Conference

At a press conference on Tuesday, Governor Bill Walker said he may keep Dept. of Education & Early Development Commissioner Mark Hanley and Dept. of Environmental Commissioner Larry Hartig in his administration.  He also discussed his budget process and education funding.  See the full report here.


Two More Members of Education Subcommittee, Walker Transition Team


Someone just informed me of two more members of the Education Subcommittee for the Transition Team: they are Alyse Galvin of Great Alaska Schools and Andrew Halcro, president of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, former state representative, and member of what turned out to be the ineffectual House Sustainable Education Task Force (a characterization I think he would agree with).


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