HB 245

HB 245 In-Depth Review - State would cover an additional $200 million in school funding

I sent out an analysis of prefiled bills on Friday, and would like to review HB 245 a little more in depth.  Here is what I sent out yesterday:

·         HB 245 – School Funding: Repeal Required Local Contributionhttp://www.legis.state.ak.us/basis/get_bill.asp?session=28&bill=HB245

o   HB 245 repeals required local contributions for “basic need” funding for school districts, and specifies that basic need will come from the state and federal governments. 

o   It allows local governments to continue to contribute from local funding sources, if they so wish. 

o   HB 245 does not change the statutory formula for calculating basic need. 

Later in the day, Alaska Democrats sent out a press release saying that HB 245 would reduce education funding http://alaskademocrats.org/news/994-republican-assault-on-education-continues-with-new-legislation

That made me question whether I had misinterpreted HB 245, because my interpretation was that basic need would be funded at the same level.  I read the bill again and called the sponsor, Rep. Tammie Wilson, who confirmed that my reading of the bill was correct.  HB 245... 


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