HB 278

Thursday, August 14, 2014 Administrative Regulation Review Committee

Below is a report on Thursday’s Administrative Regulation Review Committee.  The committee met to review proposed Dept. of Education & Early Development regulations for repealing the High School Graduation Qualifying Exam (HSGQE) and implementing required testing for students using the ACT, SAT, and WorkKeys. 


Update on Studies Required by HB 278 & Upcoming Hearings

Below is an update on the studies required by HB 278:

·        School Design & Construction Study, DEED: A request for proposals and award of the bid will be completed by fall, 2014.  The contractor will then have six to eight months to complete the study.  The study is due to the legislature by June 15, 2015.

·        Salary & Benefits Study, Dept. of Administration: Study not yet begun.  I’m waiting to hear back from the Dept. of Administration on a timeline for the study. 


Recommendations of the Conference Committee on HB 278

The final recommendations of the Conference Committee on HB 278 are:

·         Testing out of courses for high school students. 

·         Repeal HSGQE; require ACT, SAT, or WorkKeys; allow students denied a diploma because of failure to pass the HSGQE to apply to the school to receive a diploma if they’ve met the other graduation requirements.


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