Thursday, October 9, 2014 Update


here's an update on recent activity:
  • I was considering putting Alaska Performance Scholarship qualifying classes offered by school districts into a spreadsheet so everyone would have that information.  In looking in to those courses, it appears that school districts are offering courses required for students to qualify for the APS. However, I think putting together a spreadsheet on different course offerings by school districts would require someone with experience in curriculum to properly categorize all the courses in a spreadsheet for comparison purposes.  Perhaps the Dept. of Education or the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education will put that information together at some point.  Smaller school districts are offering access to the Alaska Learning Network and other distance programs to expand the courses available to students.  
  • DEED just put out an RFP for a contractor to conduct a study on prototypical school designs, which they are responsible for through HB 278 
  • The Legislative Budget & Audit Subcommittee on Education Studies held a hearing on September 25.  All but the introductory portion of the hearing was in executive session.  Subcommittee members in attendance were Senators Fairclough and Giessel, and Representatives Josephson, Herron, and Hawker.  Representative Reinbold was in the audience.  Senators Stevens and Dunleavy were online.  The subcommittee is still working on putting together an RFP for the studies.  
  • At the fall meeting of the Alaska Council of School Administrators, Governor Parnell announced that he will be introducing legislation next session to increase vocational training opportunities in schools.  The legislation will include the opportunity for students to receive concurrent high school diplomas and skill certifications, or concurrent high school diplomas and an associate's degree.  Audio of his announcement is available online.
Upcoming Legislative Hearings:
  • 1:30 p.m., Thursday, October 23: Legislative Budget & Audit Subcommittee on Education Studies, executive session, Anchorage LIO
Thanks, Shana Crondahl
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