I lived in Gustavus for five years, and at one point our electric rates were 81 cents… https://t.co/6e5xrZB6iI1 year 9 months ago
David Teal's analysis/PowerPoint, FY20 Operating Budget; will be presented in SFin & HFin on Tuesd… https://t.co/ReTQoB6iYR1 year 9 months ago
that's my husband in the middle with the Veterans' for Peace sign (ex-Coastie) 😀❤️ He's a rabblerouser! — 1 year 9 months ago
There's a reason I have ms word set to autocorrect pubic to public!!! 😂 — 1 year 9 months ago
CANCELLED: S.Fin DEED Subcommittee hearing for 1 pm The subcommittee will meet Tuesday, Feb 26 at 1 pm A P… https://t.co/zqFUltwG8S1 year 9 months ago
the Senate Finance Committee members were not receptive at all to 's budget proposal… https://t.co/yUep6qf0KA1 year 9 months ago
I too was wondering why no one's raised that issue… https://t.co/UGeNlMVAuy1 year 9 months ago
Effect of 's budget on the https://t.co/Yd2zAOd0tW1 year 9 months ago
I was one of the petitioners for incorporating Gustavus as a 2nd class city, and Sen.… https://t.co/64fRABHW141 year 9 months ago
the being the assembly for the Unorganized Boro is something that not even a lot of le… https://t.co/t5exHuozuA1 year 9 months ago
Report on education funding in 's amended budgets https://t.co/wjFG0lwE1h -23.3 % cut due to reduction… https://t.co/16szUVLFMz1 year 9 months ago
That 25 percent is just UGF. Actual total decrease to foundation programs (BSA and $30 million in one-tim… https://t.co/muSerECt721 year 9 months ago
Yep, on three of my lists - Alaska K-12, legislature, and education tweeters https://t.co/KJ3rxh7Gvn1 year 9 months ago
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