it is frustrating. Thanks for posting the committee memberships! — 3 months 1 day ago
RT : Here's the committee membership after re-listening to the hearing. Doesn't look like that meeting gets docs posted… months 1 day ago
The Committee on Committee's report will be in the Senate Journal for today. At this link when it's pos… months 1 day ago
3. Involuntary membership in the group 4. Awareness of subordination 5. High rate of in-group marriage… months 2 days ago
I adore Jay's story. It is a lifetime in five minutes. Some of the best five minutes you will spend, watching… months 2 days ago
Thanks and ! — 3 months 2 days ago
you are a super sleuth! never would have thought of looking at the reflection! — 3 months 2 days ago
It even tells you how to put together a thread and tweet the whole thread at once. — 3 months 2 days ago
Or you can tweet each part of the thread separately. — 3 months 2 days ago
How cool is that?!?! — 3 months 2 days ago
How to tweet a thread. — 3 months 2 days ago
link here: months 2 days ago
Senate Democrats have organized with as leader — 3 months 2 days ago
I had a professor who argued Wagley & Harris' idea that that women fit most of the 5 characteristics o… months 3 days ago
Hey, this might just work pretty darned good! months 3 days ago
RT : “The aim of class isn’t to get students to love or loathe their country. It’s to prepare them to live in i… months 3 days ago
More than 150 people, including AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward, were sent cease and desist notices and warnings to preserv… months 3 days ago
Dominion is starting to go after state-level politicians and GOP officials for elections disinformation months 3 days ago
The received $159,719,422 in Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Funds. At least 90%… months 3 days ago
More on lists: has a couple dozen very comprehensive lists - data, education, business, reporters, cong… months 4 days ago