omg that cracked me up! — 3 months 4 days ago
“This isn’t a cancel culture,” Christopher Krebs, whom Trump fired as head of Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Securi… months 4 days ago
A critical issue for journalists and the future of our republic. months 4 days ago
Oh wait, that's in the other direction. — 3 months 4 days ago
Looks like security has taken over the documents room. That's new. (I haven't been into the Ca… months 4 days ago
RT : There are reports of armed rallies at some state capitals. There is no one outside the Alaska State Capitol buildin… months 4 days ago
RT : All quiet at the Alaska Capitol three minutes before noon. months 4 days ago
Texas State Capitol months 4 days ago
The New Jersey State Capitol. Looks like in most states people are just staying away. months 4 days ago
Pretty quiet at the Oregon State Capitol. (That's got to be the ugliest capitol building in the country; not a fan… months 4 days ago
Weather at the Ohio State Capitol looks miserable. Haven't heard of anything going on yet at the Alaska State Capit… months 4 days ago
. is at the Michigan State Capitol and has a lot of videos and photos up. He was also at the U.S. Cap… months 4 days ago
Looks like there's not much going on at capitols around the country. Long thread here about what's going on at the… months 4 days ago
Crowl's sister turned him in. months 5 days ago
RT : FBI is seeking a Geo-fencing warrant which basically means if your cell phone was inside the US Capital and was not… months 5 days ago
The state roll-out has not been good (witness the problems w/ people being able to just si… months 5 days ago
Thread here. Apparently CVS and Wallgreens are doing a terrible job months 5 days ago
I wonder what Alaska's reasons are for outpacing most other states in vaccinations. Probably due in large part to t… months 5 days ago
SB 43 by Sen. Hughes also limits who can return ballots for other voters. months 6 days ago
The bill would also make it illegal to return someone else's ballot to the , with few exceptions. That… months 6 days ago