Interview: Sen. Mike Dunleavy on SJR 9, HB 100, and education in general

Thursday, January 30, 2014 interview with Senator Mike Dunleavy. He talked at length about SJR 9SB 100, and what he would like to see happen with education this session. He said he sees SB 100 as the legislative intent language for SJR 9. He will be introducing a sponsor substitute for SB 100 that will incorporate more ideas for implementing SJR 9, if it passes.  

Sen. Dunleavy said he would like to maximize resources and outcomes, and he is always trying to keep the needs of each individual at the forefront, rather than specific programs. In his view, the purpose of SJR 9 is in expanding public home school programs.  

The interview is 45 minutes long, and at minute 36 Sen. Dunleavy goes in to detail on his opinion that the school system should get more funding. It's the first constitutionally mandated program, and he said schools should get the resources they need to operate in the manner that the legislature created. When teachers and principals come down and say they need more money, the legislature shouldn't be getting on their case; the legislature is getting on their case about a program the legislature created. The legislature should either fund the program they established, or they should change the program. He said don't demand that schools carry out a program that the legislature developed, and then not give them the resources to do that.

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