Report: FY20 Governor's Amended Budgets

Linked is report on the sponsor substitutes for SB 19, SB 20, and SB 21 (the FY20 operating, Capital, and Mental Health budgets) and two other separate pieces of legislation that affect education:

  • SB 57 - Repeal Municipal Levy of Oil & Gas Tax/Credit
  • SB 59 - Repeal Debt Reimbursement: Capital Projects

The report contains spreadsheets from the Dept. of Revenue showing how each of those bills will impact individual municipalities. 

Funding for the foundation is:

  • $942,446,700 for the foundation formula, a cut of $279,440,500 from the statutory amount of 1,221,887,200, a 22.9 percent decrease
  • $0 of the $30 million in one-time funding outside the BSA, bringing the total decrease of the statutory amount plus the one-time funding up to a total of a 23.3 percent decrease in foundation funding
  • Pupil Transportation is fully funded.

For funding amounts of other items and more details on Governor Dunleavy's amended budget proposals, see the linked report.