Senate President Meyer & House Speaker Chenault on Education Funding; House Majority Poll Results

The House Majority has released the results of a poll they conducted recently.

The senate is currently considering amendments to the operating budget on the senate floor.  BASIS is down right now though, so you can't currently view amendments, but hopefully it will be back up soon?  It always goes down at the end of session, unfortunately.  When BASIS is up, you can view the operating budget amendments online.

Senate President Kevin Meyer and House Speaker Mike Chenault held their weekly informal press conferences with reporters Friday morning

From Senator Meyer:

  • Legislators are going home for Easter and there won't be any legislative action from Friday until next Tuesday, other than public testimony on the capital budget all day Monday in the Senate Finance Committee.
  • As of 8:30 a.m. Friday he had received about 100 emails in support of restoring the cuts to education made by the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday.
  • Regarding what items might take the longest to resolve in the conference committee on the operating budget, he said he thought it would be education funding and the LIOs.  
  • They are not actually sure what failure to adopt the effective date on SB 64 - Bond Debt Reimbursement means, since the body of the bill also says it will be effective on January 1, 2015.  So they don't know if that means it will be in effect 90 days after the governor signs it (default mode for failure to adopt the effective date), or if it will be effective retroactively to January 1. But he said he thinks the intent is to fund bond debt reimbursement ballot measures that pass before the 90-day effective date.  
  • They should be under the 24-hour rule for notice of committee hearings by next Wednesday or Thursday, when they anticipate operating budget conference committee members from both bodies will be appointed.
  • Sen. Meyer said they are probably not a very popular bunch right now (you think?).

From Representative Chenault:

  • He's concerned about the cut the Senate Finance Committee took from the BSA, and the house will work to get that funding put back in. He does not support that cut. (Cynic that I am, I'm wondering if the cut was made to show people that it could always be worse, and get them to stop complaining about removing funding for the one-time money.)  
  • Perhaps they will have to cut UA funding to put money back into the BSA, because the money has to come from somewhere. He said he doesn't know why university funding wasn't cut in Senate Finance.
  • He's not sure what they will do about the effective date failing to be adopted for SB 64.  They may try to rescind their vote on failing to adopt the effective date. (The house is still in possession of SB 64).
  • If they have to have a special session on anything, he'd like to have it occur immediately after session, instead of later.  
  • There are different ideas on where cuts should be taken, not WHETHER they should be taken.