FY16 Operating Budget

No one knows what's going to happen

Yes, it's the 130th day of session so far in 2015, and still no one knows what's going to happen. I will explain the situation from the VERY beginning.

There is about a $3 billion revenue shortfall. The legislature needs a three-fourths vote in each body to use money in the constitutional budget reserve to cover the shortfall. They only need a majority vote in each body to use the funding in the permanent fund earnings reserve.


Parnell's Proposed FY16 DEED Operating Budget, House Sustainable Education Task Force, ARRC Common Core Hearings

Hello, here's Parnell's proposed FY16 DEED operating budget detail.  This is NOT Governor Walker's budget, but what Parnell would have proposed for FY16.  Governor Walker's budget will most likely not be out until the first day of session.

Details on Parnell's Budget


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