House Sustainable Education Task Force

Parnell's Proposed FY16 DEED Operating Budget, House Sustainable Education Task Force, ARRC Common Core Hearings

Hello, here's Parnell's proposed FY16 DEED operating budget detail.  This is NOT Governor Walker's budget, but what Parnell would have proposed for FY16.  Governor Walker's budget will most likely not be out until the first day of session.

Details on Parnell's Budget


Report to the Legislature from the House Sustainable Education Task Force

Below is a report on Tuesday’s House Sustainable Education Task Force hearing and the subsequent report to the legislature.  The “report” is a short, two-page letter which does not contain information on any of the items outlined for investigation in HR 8, including whether or not education funding is adequate.  Duties of the task force, according to HR 8 are:

(1) performing an analysis of public education funding that includes


Re-Forming/Re-Funding/De-Funding Education in Alaska

The House and Senate Finance DEED Subcommittees and the House Task Force on Sustainable Education are all holding their own separate multiple, long hearings this interim, with the stated intent to look at education and education funding.  A number of legislators have said over the past eight months that current education funding is not sustainable, appearing to imply either that education funding will need to be cut in the future, or that there will not be any increases, regardless of increasing costs to school districts. 


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