I babysat for the family who lived there in the late 70s-early 80s. It wa… https://t.co/7WJkU8gFpJ1 month 1 week ago
11..Then I got married - DUN DA DUN! Spouse was conservative person from conservative area of upstate New York with… https://t.co/thJ3umBPzx1 month 1 week ago
10...In my 20s I had a friend who went to an Ivy League school, and I learned from he… https://t.co/GA13YoJXiq1 month 1 week ago
10...As a young adult, I had a friend who'd gone to an Ivy League College, where it w… https://t.co/IRH91yLc8S1 month 1 week ago
9...Several events later in life only confirmed the appropriateness of these words in… https://t.co/stwWhmXIo01 month 1 week ago
8...Anyway, on to how this affected his sweet, innocent children! Mwahaha! We started… https://t.co/ytUwI15SsH1 month 1 week ago
7...and when he turned back around the tail of his Halibut Jacket was on fire. My mom… https://t.co/3TGxCjTc9A1 month 1 week ago
6... I never heard him use any iteration of the word Fuck. One time his reaction to s… https://t.co/gHbGDceAOj1 month 1 week ago
5...so you can pull it out later if you need to without causing any damage, such as t… https://t.co/vr8d1QP8yq1 month 1 week ago
4. ...when he cut a largish tree down in our yard and it fell the wrong way and bashe… https://t.co/F8nsTJJPWN1 month 1 week ago
3: He said all kinds of interesting words while he worked. Especially when he bashed… https://t.co/kxu2itiEf81 month 1 week ago
2/2 This involved reading lots of books because he had no idea what he was doing, and… https://t.co/73Bl4y8N4q1 month 1 week ago
1/1 Found this gem from on language usage in a NJ political ad. This applies to my fa… https://t.co/2R1QgJAqLw1 month 1 week ago
I really look forward to . It's a pleasant diversion from my week and a distractio… https://t.co/dgmnlwbjur1 month 3 weeks ago
I was eventually successful in cancelling his account, but I almost just gave up. It was v… https://t.co/deix1KBVLB2 months 1 week ago
Thank you Judy. It's devastating. — 2 months 1 week ago
Thank you. It's been an awful year. — 2 months 1 week ago
My son died and would NOT let me cancel his service. Had to look up contact info for… https://t.co/vfEYzswGuG2 months 1 week ago
He served in Japan in WWII — 2 months 2 weeks ago
Mine was very young when his parents sent him and his brot… https://t.co/g6xMRoXJzN2 months 2 weeks ago