RT : Not exactly sure what to do with this information but the routing number on the giant novelty PFD check is the numb… https://t.co/toBjn2iR432 weeks 1 day ago
omg you guys are hilarious — 2 weeks 1 day ago
hahaha. maybe mostly only us old people know the 867-5309 reference? and who the heck are Hall & Oates? 😂 — 2 weeks 1 day ago
Seems like maybe it would be beneficial to candidates for campaign staff to be responsive to reporters. But what do I know. — 2 weeks 3 days ago
People are talking about ranked choice voting in other parts of the country, including Texas. https://t.co/QvMr3LqRoi2 weeks 5 days ago
one of my kids accidentally posted an ad to FB th… https://t.co/7B8G9jTyqV3 weeks 1 day ago
AirBnB considered adding Alaska and Hawaii to a map of the midwest?? https://t.co/9BL8QI97Nz4 weeks 1 day ago
A month ago a bear broke into cars in my neighborhood (Blackerby/Ridge Way) 3 times in 1 week. No foo… https://t.co/v3CLrpIpAL1 month 1 week ago
When I was a kid we used to call out "King's X" when we wanted a timeout in a gam… https://t.co/nlyhc2A39o1 month 3 weeks ago
be sure to get lots of peppermint taffy next year. those are my favorite! — 2 months 1 week ago
very cool — 2 months 1 week ago
Here's the current status of education-related bills that passed the this session. Many bills are still awai… https://t.co/ax0c40cmfV2 months 2 weeks ago
A Canadian tuxedo https://t.co/pFQwcwG5LV2 months 2 weeks ago
https://t.co/VM8KICx6G12 months 2 weeks ago
RT : Billboards with the slogan “Alaska is ours!” started appearing in the Russian Federation. This one is in Krasnoyars… https://t.co/2Prw9h2Q6L2 months 2 weeks ago
My brother works for ASRC. He and everyone he works with make more than enough money to… https://t.co/Ip6j7w3Uvm2 months 3 weeks ago
I have seen what the environment looks like after Native corporation projects. I live i… https://t.co/a8r70UXY9x2 months 3 weeks ago
The salary charts for ASRC that you have in the report linked above show that the vast majority of… https://t.co/KlVdlOZVue2 months 3 weeks ago
ASRC's revenue for 2020 was $3.4 billion. It's not excessive for managers of such businesses to rec… https://t.co/MPM2JbeSET2 months 3 weeks ago
Just as at most private companies, where salaries are heavily based on performance measures, much o… https://t.co/J69ahLjn5t2 months 3 weeks ago