Okay, I have ALWAYS stayed out of the politics and just reported what happens in Juneau,but I have… https://t.co/hR7m8xRDk11 month 3 days ago
45 new cases in Juneau today. 45 NEW CASES. I had some bathroom drywall repair scheduled for my house and… https://t.co/rdWQZoEgka1 month 3 days ago
There's a reason I have "pubic" set to autocorrect to "public!" I only had to accidentally do that once… https://t.co/eubsAmKImO1 month 1 week ago
Just a warm body on the other end of the phone line, in my experience. They will listen, but that's… https://t.co/ZvAhITlyBV1 month 1 week ago
I have visited Edison Washington a couple of times, and they are very proud (rightly so), to be the hometo… https://t.co/ZuEhIGEmno1 month 1 week ago
https://t.co/HBDorDr5Bo1 month 1 week ago
This is my understanding of the situation. Here's a link to the Uniform Rules: https://t.co/7VkAXFGbyV1 month 1 week ago
Under Uniform Rules, the has 5 days (beginning today) to overrule 's veto of the $525 dividend.… https://t.co/I9HceTBnA61 month 1 week ago
RT : This is, perhaps, one of the saddest images I've seen from . A people who are desperate and abandoned.… https://t.co/GCR67MO1Zj1 month 1 week ago
RT : Erasing women from public spaces https://t.co/c1daynjXj81 month 1 week ago
oh nevermind, that's end of the world, and not end of the day. my french is super rusty. — 1 month 2 weeks ago
yah, but you tweeted this when it was not even close to the end of the day. I think you drank that beer too early! — 1 month 2 weeks ago
But should it be? It's DGF, just like the PCE. Guess we won't have a definitive an… https://t.co/nAHPaIG2rG1 month 2 weeks ago
Yeah, we drank Milkman. So much more affordable. My husband hated it, though. I grew up on Milkman, so… https://t.co/P5h3tjgrhY1 month 2 weeks ago
And our annual income one year was $14,000!!! So yeah. — 1 month 2 weeks ago
When I lived in Gustavus (20 years ago) a HALF gallon of milk was about $4.50!!! — 1 month 2 weeks ago
With not appealing Judge Garton's decision on PCE, it looks like we're not going to hear what her deci… https://t.co/J4HSKQzko61 month 2 weeks ago
*NOT to do a retweet instead of a screenshot 😆 — 1 month 2 weeks ago
*NOT to do a retweet instead of a screenshot 😆 — 1 month 2 weeks ago
Well, that'll teach me to do a retweet instead of a screenshot. I shoulda known better. This was a tweet from the M… https://t.co/tJUSarcrlC1 month 2 weeks ago