Well, that'll teach me to do a retweet instead of a screenshot. I shoulda known better. This was a tweet from the A… https://t.co/fSgjwTSdDx1 month 2 weeks ago
This fund is also DGF, just like the PCE Fund, which Superior Court Judge Garton just ruled can't be swept, so perh… https://t.co/baWT4TIhBX1 month 2 weeks ago
This fund is a designated general fund (DGF), just like the PCE Fund, which Superior Court Judge Garton just ruled… https://t.co/EZqwPTU7Ko1 month 2 weeks ago
How cool is it that you're posting something from an old newspaper from Douglas, Alaska? (Als… https://t.co/LyfsbLHyQB1 month 3 weeks ago
George Rogers had a really low opinion of Joe McGinness. George thought he exaggerated horribly. — 2 months 1 day ago
And Joe McGinnes had a reputation for exaggeration from people I know that he intervie… https://t.co/UVmTpGuZpV2 months 1 day ago
I don't think there was any more cocaine use in the legislature than there was in any… https://t.co/uCSQCD346G2 months 1 day ago
My grandfather used to bet gullible people he couldn't dive from the very top of the ice tower at the Juneau… https://t.co/Bz7XUDWi4C2 months 2 days ago
My grandfather was in the Olympics, but he came to Alaska afterwards. And he missed medaling also (came in f… https://t.co/rpRWgASHgI2 months 2 days ago
My husband is in the parade every year (Veterans for Peace) and he said this is t… https://t.co/3WySknbi9A2 months 3 weeks ago
Legal memo from administration says constitutional obligations are exempt from 90 day eff. date. Court… https://t.co/Z3kLzG01S93 months 1 week ago
No, Legislative Legal Services has to do a bunch of work on it first. Then it's not transmitted unt… https://t.co/v3PXeYpsXw3 months 1 week ago
BASIS has doesn't even list HB 69 as awaiting transmittal to the governor. I've checke… https://t.co/7wGNR5BZwk3 months 1 week ago
Before I saw your comment, I asked Craig - "Hey, whose boat is that?" And he recognized the boat as yours. :D — 3 months 2 weeks ago
Rep. LeBon has replaced Rep. Thompson on the Operating Budget Conference Committee. https://t.co/cXIXx8dOvE https://t.co/hHmRoLkFQt4 months 4 days ago
This is how SESA meets the needs of students with low-incidence disabilities in small, rural school districts, and… https://t.co/TNWe30QK484 months 1 week ago
passes SB 19 - Extend SESA Sunset Date, ensuring students with low-incidence disabilities, mostly in smaller… https://t.co/w7EkPptLBh4 months 1 week ago
Thank you to whoever put Pete Ecklund's script in BASIS. Every single time he does his budget revie… https://t.co/ODgE2g61Op4 months 1 week ago
Organization of what? — 4 months 2 weeks ago
Well, hopefully meetings behind the scenes will soon be productive? And hey, there are actually 7 days left in session! — 4 months 2 weeks ago