My dad always buys me Nenana Ice Classic tickets for my birthday, and I perhaps d… months 3 weeks ago
I was just told by a CBJ employee that it's not true they'll have to throw away doses if they aren't used, though s… months 3 weeks ago
My husband got his second Covid vaccination at Centennial Hall in Juneau Saturday, and was told by a friend working… months 3 weeks ago
Ha! — 5 months 4 weeks ago
And costs are higher for K-12 now than they were then: pre-pipeline there were still some BIA schools… months 4 weeks ago
RT : Here's a quick & approximate illustration I made of how the crews shifted the overnight. Usual caveats. months 3 days ago
Surfing Facebook before I get to work today and this popped up in my memories! 😂 months 3 days ago
Did Sen. Transportation actually cherry pick items off the School Major Maintenance List in the cs for SB 74… months 4 days ago
This document from Friday's Sen. Finance meeting explains what Maintenance of Effort is in greater detail. I… months 5 days ago
Here's a link to the PowerPoint that explains why Maintenance of Effort in state funding matters f… months 5 days ago
How much will your city & your borough receive from the American Rescue Plan? Ctrl-F your city & borough in this do… months 5 days ago
My husband first came to Alaska for that with the Coast Guard. — 6 months 1 week ago
Well this is going to increase the price of oil. months 1 week ago
unless maybe their insurance will cover it? who knows. — 6 months 1 week ago
My husband says under maritime law, the company is responsible for all the costs of the delays to all the ot… months 1 week ago
I was the petitioners' alternate representative when Gustavus was working to i… months 1 week ago
Haines combined their city and borough in 2002 - it's a unified home rule borough, just like Juneau. — 6 months 1 week ago
Did that occur? I remember there was something going on with that when I lived… months 1 week ago
Costello's bill disallowing virtual meetings and testimony is problematic for rural, multi-comm… months 1 week ago
Also, Wyoming is VERY small geographically compared to Alaska, so I don't believe the two state… months 1 week ago