There is a lot of overlap. They are both complex bills. SB 8 is this year's version of SB 6 from last year… months 3 weeks ago
The foundation formula in SB 49 is funded in part with: •$225,867,300 in federal funds •$20,791,000 in impac… months 3 weeks ago
The total amount of funding for the foundation formula in SB 49 is fully funded at $1,193,475,200 — 8 months 3 weeks ago
There is $71,435,893 for pupil transportation in SB 49 — 8 months 3 weeks ago
SB 49 includes $41,771,980 for school bond debt reimbursement, and $17,119,000 for the REAA & Small Municipa… months 3 weeks ago
SB 58 increases funding for public correspondence students by $35.5 million months 3 weeks ago
SB 48 uses $4 million from the Higher Education Investment Fund for the Dept. of Law months 3 weeks ago
Documents are now posted in BASIS for the Sen. State Affairs hearing this afternoon at 3:30pm on SB 39 months 3 weeks ago
Here's an example: 's tweet is referenced in this… months 4 weeks ago
Me too. I've seen a lot of quotes in NYTimes articles from tweets lately, so… months 4 weeks ago
so there's just testing once a week now? — 8 months 4 weeks ago
There used to be two addresses: a State of the State address and a State of the Bud… months 4 weeks ago
or was that 1/4 mile round trip? don't remember — 9 months 11 hours ago
An employee at Fred Meyer did tell me one time that if you walked from one end of… months 11 hours ago
According to & : It's fine to use sharpies There is no evidence of fraud from any state… months 11 hours ago
Alaska school district elections that may be affected by SB 39 are: REAA 5 Section III, Kuspuk SD REAA 12 Se… months 20 hours ago
And I'd say that's an "F" on your internship. Or it sure ought to be. — 9 months 2 days ago
That article is infuriating. This person intentionally and negligently exposed so many people in very clo… months 2 days ago
My husband says the sushi is better in Kodiak than any sushi he ever had in Japan, and he's been to Japan a couple of times! — 9 months 4 days ago
I'm so glad I mostly only cover four committees and press conferences. I don't know how the rest… months 5 days ago